My dog, Richard and I have been training as a team for over five years. Richard began life as a farm dog, and had spent his days chasing any animals that came within reach. Since joining me, his natural enthusiasm has been channelled into following or locating a specific scent. At the beginning of 2020, together we became one of the first to qualify as a Licensed Canine Tracker Dog team, with the UK College of Scent Dogs.

Meet the One Track Mind Team

I make every effort to ensure that my knowledge is kept up to date, training regularly alongside other experienced dog handlers. During this year I will be attending the Professional Association of Canine Trainers seminar led by Pamela Reid, together with specialised tracking courses led by John Rogerson and Ilkka Hormila. I also subscribe to relevant professional development webinars such as those given by Jeff Schettler and Dr Robert Hewings.

Some of the courses that I have attended in recent years are as follows:


  • 2023 Institute of Modern Dog Trainers & Behaviourists: Separation Anxiety.

  • K9 Behaviour Consultancy: Shepherd Special, Deep Dive.

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers: 2023 Conference.

  • British Mantrailing Academy: Mantrailing Sport Instructor Certification.

  • 1st International Mantrailing 4 Day Seminar.

  • British Mantrailing Academy: 2 Day Trailing Workshops.


  • 2022 Kamal Fernandez: Shaping Workshop.

  • Canine Detection Solutions: Working Around Distractions.

  • John Rogerson: 2 Day Clean Boot Tracking Course.

  • Ogilvie Dogs: Communicating, Arousal & Problematic Behaviours.

  • K9 Brain Training: Detection Foundation Weekend.

  • British Mantrailing Academy: 2 & 3 Day Trailing Workshops.


  • 2021 Cameron Ford; 3 Day Canine Cognition Testing

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers & Behaviourists; Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs.

  • John Rogerson, 2 Day Clean Boot Tracking Course.

  • British Mantrailing Academy: 3 Day Mantrailing Workshops.

  • Mark Doggett, Indication Workshop.


  • 2020 The UK College of Scent Dogs: Licensed Canine Tracking Dog.

  • HARTT, Humane Lost Dog Trapping Workshop.

  • UK Dog Sport, Instructor. 

  • Scentwork UK, Instructor.


  • 2019 K9 IlMa Global Training: Human ID Tracking with Ilkka Hormila.

  • The UK College of Scent Dogs: Scent Tracking Instructor.

  • Scandinavian Working Dog Institute: 5 Day Detection and Indication Masterclass.

  • World of Detection Dogs (Level 2): 5 Day Workshop with Conservation K9 Consultancy


  • 2018 Canine First Responder Course

  • World of Detection Dogs (Level 1): 5 Day Workshop with Conservation K9 Consultancy

  • UK Tracking Dog Association: Workshop in Tracking with Dogs



  • 2016 Institute of Modern Dog Trainers:

  • Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation,

  • Career as a Dog Trainer 

  • Injecting Fun into Classes.

  • Tellington TTouch: 2 Day Workshop with Sarah Fisher.

  • The Law as it pertains to Dogs in England & Wales with Trevor Cooper (Doglaw Ltd)


  • 2015 Emergency Canine First Aid Certificate: Rhodes 2 Safety

  • BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service